Murrurundi Garden Club

Garden Club News for September 2017

We held our August meeting again at the CWA with a moderate attendance. There was also a moderate entry in the point- score flower (bulb) with only 3 jonquils and 2 daffodils. Are they flowering later this year? Mine don’t even look like flowering yet but I notice a lovely lot of daffodils flowering on Purcell’s bank opposite the hospital.

We received invitations to many garden festivals and 3 bus trips! The Berry Garden Festival 12th -15th October; Quirindi Garden Club itinerary for tour of Armidale 19 & 20 October; Galston Open Gardens 20th – 22nd October; Leura Garden Festival 25 -29th September; Scone Garden Club itinerary for tour of Bathurst October 27 -29th; Manilla Garden Club Friendship Day 20th October; Cowan’s Bus Service 10 day Gardens Tour of Tasmania $3125.00, 14th -23rd September next year, 2018.

The inaugural National Gardening Week will be held on 8th – 14th October and we have been discussing ideas such as tree planting and window displays to celebrate gardening. If any of you has a brilliant suggestion we would be most grateful to hear it

The botanical drawing workshop conducted by Jenny Vaughan will be held at the CWA on Saturday, 23rd September. This is not just for Garden Club members so if you are interested please let Jenny or me know.

Two members expressed concern that their mandarins were not sweet, despite the frosts. As other members said they had sweet mandarins we could only come up with one solution. Maybe the tree is the wrong type for our climate! I looked into this problem and Tom Wyatt (All you Gardening Questions Answered) recons it is a Magnesium deficiency. Mulch the area with organic matter around the tree and apply one handful per sq. meter of magnesium sulphate.  Apply 2 tablespoons of mag. sulpha to 4.5 litres of water and spray the tree as the fruit begins to colour. At least 3 applications will be required.

Paul Melahan will be attending our next meeting at Paradise Park where he will talk on the flora of the area. We will still have the trading table but no flower of the month. You will need to bring a chair, food to share and whatever you prefer to drink, and don’t forget sunscreen and a hat. Meeting commences at 1.30pm.