Thanks to all who took part in our June Firewood Raffle/fundraiser. The raffle was run on Friday 14th July and drawn at 1.30pm that day. Number 40 won and the wood has been delivered. – Congratulations Terry & June!

Thanks and well done to the members who attended the Vertical/Rope rescue training and assessment weekend at Manilla recently. We have all taken a lot away from the experience. Our new truck is getting nearer but still plenty of work to do. Hopefully it will be on the road before the end of Spring.

Over the last month Murrurundi VRA attended an incident where a young driver passing the site spent a little too long looking over their shoulder at the accident, almost ran off the road themselves, clipped the back corner of Murrurundi VRAs’ Ford as they swerved back at the last moment, knocking of their mirror and creasing/scraping their small car from bumper to bumper. The Ford lost a smidge of paint off the bumper. If they were over just a few inches more it would have been quite a collision as I don’t think the three ton Ford would have been inclined to move much. Thankfully no-one was hurt. A reminder to stay focussed when behind the wheel. It only takes a moments distraction to get into strife. Drive safely.

Murrurundi VRA is always looking for new members.

Enquiries 0411 610 936.