Pages River Walk

The Pages River

The Pages River begins in the hills to the south-west of Murrurundi. It flows through Murrurundi and Blandford before reaching Cameron’s Gorge. From here it meanders through the mountains. It is joined by the Isis River and travels through Gundy before joining the Hunter River near Segenhoe. Its total length is about 100 km.

Over the years the Pages River has migrated across the valley floor. Sections of the river have experi­enced some change as a result of the removal of woody debris and vegetation from the channel. Today, in its headwaters, the Pages cascades downstream alongside basalt boulders and cobbles. Its enclosed bedrock expands into a relatively open valley with large pockets of irregularly shaped flood-plains. At Cameron’s Gorge the river changes back to a steep enclosed bedrock that contains pools and cascades, and winds a narrow path through the mountains.

The Pages River is unique among rivers. At times it is an awesome river at others, it is a trickle of a creek. However even when it seems completely dry it continues to flow underground, and life continues teaming under and among its bedrock.