Paradise Park



Paradise Park is a delightful picnic area in semi tropical surroundings; literally at the foot of a steep and densely wooded hill. It is located on Paradise Road past the golf course it has shelters, barbeques, toilets, plenty of birds and at dusk there are usually some wallabies.

Take a stroll through the “Eye of the Needle” a rock formation, which is located at the end of the park, a narrow gap wide enough for a person to fit through, which you must pass to reach the summit. The trail continues to the lookout which affords fine views across to the mountains and the valley.

Paradise Park – Eye of the Needle (Murrurundi)

The walk starts at a signboard at the far end of Paradise Park (on Paradise Rd, approximately 1k past Murrurundi Golf Club). It is a constant uphill climb, through a jumble of massive granite boulders and on into the ‘Eye of the Needle’, a deep narrow crack in the cliff, almost so tight you can barely turn around. Continue upwards where you can choose to head either left or right to a rocky outcrop, overlooking the town below.

The very high hills and the Liverpool Range offer spectacular views of Murrurundi. The natural beauty surrounding Murrurundi provides a magnificent setting for this beautiful untouched historical village.

The trail walks around Murrurundi offer any tourist spectacular views and unique habitat and wildlife.
When you get to the top of the ‘Eye of the Needle’ walk, the views over Murrurundi are truly spectacular. The village of Murrurundi is nestled amongst picturesque mountains which in winter can be covered with snow!