David Darcy & the Fox  Mayne Street  Murrurundi NSW 2338

David Darcy Gallery

Over the past 12 years David’s been on one hell of an adventure photographing dogs of all descriptions around the world. The journey has taken in the streets of New York, London, Tokyo and Rome, the jungles of Cambodia, the slums of India, to the very heart of Australia and back again. His goal has always been to photograph man’s best friend within the environments we share and to do it with dignity and respect. This has not always been an easy task. As a dog lover his heart has swollen with pride, been torn apart, then mended again with the things I have seen. David hopes his photos can entertain, inspire and move people to love, care and help our four legged friends whenever and wherever possible.

 37 Mayne Street
 0405 817 174