Upper Hunter Country stickers save on fees

The simple act of adding an ‘Upper Hunter Country’ sticker to an A-frame chalkboard or the tables and chairs out on the footpath will save a business its 2017/18 annual footpath trading licence fees in the Upper Hunter Shire.

At Paddock to Pantry in Scone, Upper Hunter Country stickers adorn both colourful chalkboards on the footpath and owner Steve Guihot is pleased he will be reimbursed his footpath trading fee.

Upper Hunter Shire Council is also offering financial assistance to business owners to help revitalise streetscapes in towns across the Shire by way of a grant of up to $1,000 to refurbish shopfronts.

Lyric Anderson
Communications Officer
Phone: 02 6540 1100Fax: 02 6545 2671
Email: landerson@upperhunter.nsw.gov.au


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