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Murrurundi Heatwave Information & Warnings



Extreme Heat is defined as an extended period of very high temperatures, which is related but not confined to heatwave conditions.

It has the potential to adversely affect urban and rural communities, infrastructure and the natural environment.

It can also cause significant health issues, extensive stock and crop losses, damage roads, railway lines, bridges, disrupt power supplies and contribute to an elevated fire hazard.

High minimum temperatures overnight are likely to have a greater impact where communities, infrastructure and the environment are unable to recover from protracted heat stress.

High temperatures can be exacerbated by high humidity.

When temperatures spike for three or more consecutive days without an adequate drop in nighttime temperature to cool the outdoor and indoor environments, there is a significant increase in the risk to vulnerable populations.

Therefore the definition of excessive heat events will consider both day-time maximum temperatures and night-time minimum temperatures.



What to do during a Heat Event

 Check on family, friends, and neighbours who do not have air conditioning or who spend
much of their time alone – particularly elderly persons.
 If your home does not have adequate air conditioning/cooling, choose other places you
can go to get relief from the heat during the warmest part of the day.
 For homes without air-conditioning, fans are a good alternative.
 Plan changes in your daily activities to avoid strenuous work during the warmest part of
the day.
 Drink plenty of water regularly. Limit intake of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.
 Dress in loose-fitting, lightweight, and light-coloured clothing that reflects heat and sunlight
and helps maintain normal body temperature.
 Avoid getting sunburn because it will slow the skin's ability to cool itself.
 Slow down and reduce, eliminate, or reschedule strenuous activities.
 Take frequent breaks if you must work outdoors.
 NEVER leave children or pets alone in closed vehicles. Temperatures inside a closed
vehicle can reach over 40 degrees within minutes. Exposure to such high temperatures
can kill in minutes.
 Learn about and be prepared to treat extreme heat-related disorders



Key areas of impact as a result of extreme heat conditions could include, but not be limited to:

 increased morbidity (rate of human illness);
 increased mortalities and potential requirement for temporary mortuaries;
 deceased livestock and native fauna;
 transport closures/ diversions (buckled railway lines, bridge closures etc;
 increased risk of fires;
 stress on power networks because of high electricity demand;
 power failures or load shedding impact upon the availability of electricity resulting in further
potential for heat stress, especially for vulnerable persons;
 trees/ branches falling from dryness;
 supply chain disruptions;
 economic cost to the state, local business, recovery etc;
 public events with increased risk of heat related illness;
 school closures or mass gathering event cancellations;
 crop damage and food loss


Heatwaves - Hotter, Longer, More Often




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