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 Visit my blog for all my creations and news at


 My Latest Design Creations April 2014

This is a fabric I designed this morning. I began with the photo below and digitally altered it in Photoshop. I wanted to make a monochrome image to print on cotton/canvas for making cushions or a cloth bag.

This is the original photo of Ashleigh that

I used as the basis of the digital manipulation


Here is a picture of the textile I designed, at a half repeat

The finished textile at a half repeat (52x18"). I called it "Sweet Leah"

I positioned the image so that a metre of the fabric would make 3 42x42cm (17x17") cushions. I can't sell any of this fabric until I've bought some myself to physically sample that it has printed satisfactorily! But some time in the next few weeks I hope to show you the finished cushions and a tote bag. At present only 2 of my designs are available for purchase by the metre.

You can see more of my textile designs at  My Spoonflower shop is "la_perla"

Also if you go over to check out the Spoonflower website go to their homepage and have a look at their weekly fabric design competition. The current one is to design a reusable cloth shopping bag to celebrate "Earth Week". I entered a design I called "Earth Angel grocery bag". You might like to look at the entries at vote for your favourites. 


MY Profile

I am a multi media decorative artist working primarily with textiles, fibres, beads and stitch. I make sculptural forms (dolls), wearable adornments from beads, silver and found objects and 2 dimensional art. My art is figurative and typically depicts feminine personas portrayed as iconic, dreamlike and fantasy representations.

I use the skills accumulated over 3 decades as a textile artist to create unique layered and embellished textiles to enhance the works with abstract elements.

In addition to painting I also incorporate the western traditions of female needle and textile craft to collage the works together using such techniques as hand and machine embroidery, knitting, crocheting, appliqué and beadwork.


Pearl Red Moon - wear my art - women's fashion garments 

Visit my online BOHO BANJO Etsy Store to see my latest garmennts:  HERE

or call into my BOHO BANJO retail store and studio at 71 Mayne Street (New England Highway) Murrurundi


All the clothes are designed, printed and made by me.

I literally make the patterns, cut the fabric, print and embellish and make up every garment.

Textiles are the fabric of my life. I have been seeking out and collecting wonderful fabrics for over 30 years. I’m particularly attracted to textiles of exotic colour, pattern and texture. All that is tribal, oriental or ethnic will excite me. Embellishment, layering, embroidery, applique, stitchery and richness are gorgeous to me. In 2001 I backpacked solo around India and Nepal for a couple months seeking out glorious fabrics. The textile traditions of india and Africa are awesome and I supplicate to them in reverence.

The internet has shrunk the world since the beginning of this century and I can now source embroideries, silks and printed fabrics in quantity from the internet from sellers overseas. I also scour local and international ebay for fabulous vintage offerings. Thrift shops, recycle shops and market sellers are often a great source for the gorgeous and unusual.

I also collect plain coloured cottons and knits which I alter with painting, stencilling, applique and other kinds of embellishment. Manufactured garments are cannabalised for their print or interesting textile - as in knitting, laces or crotchet.

Stitch it all together and …..WEAR MY ART!!!

Every purchaser please read this!

I am a trade certified patternmaker and sample machinist but I no longer use conventional methods of garment construction. Looking carefully at the pictures provided you can expect to see raw edges, seams on the outside and other unusual finishes. I rarely use an overlocker, more typically seams will be overlaid and stitched with a wide zigzag. This means the insides of the garments have a very neat and seam free appearance as there are no seam allowances protruding. Garments stitched like this are in fact very strongly constructed, you will never have a split seam!


There are 3 ranges I offer:

“Pearl Red Moon – art to wear” – a unique one a kind garment I never repeat. Sent to you within 2 days of purchasing.

“Boho Banjo” - a garment made to order from the picture. These are generally very short runs (2-6?) depending on how much of the fabric I have, how quickly I’m bored with the style or if no-one buys it! I’ll often design in a series, tweaking the colours, stencilling and fabrics, so that the designs are similar but no two garments are exactly the same. Within Australia allow up to 10 days for delivery, I will notify you by email when your item is despatched.

“Boho Banjo – repurposed” – these are garments I’ve reconstructed from used/recycled clothes. Re made, painted, stencilled, altered, embellished and often combined with new fabrics. These are necessarily unique and one off. Sent to you within 2 days of purchasing

For the Boho Banjo range I make in 2 standard sizes, please specify if you want MEDIUM or LARGE when ordering.

I am able to make to order if you send me your measurements. There is a $10 surcharge for this special service.

MEDIUM = Bust : 100 -110cm equates to Australian size 16-20
LARGE = Bust : 110 - 130cm equates to Australian size 20-22
Visit my blog HERE for more information and images
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