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Murrurundi Meals on Wheels - commences on 19th October 2015

For more information 
Ph 0484 607 055

A new Meals on Wheels Committee has been formed in Murrurundi, to facilitate the delivery of hot meals to community members who need assistance. The new service will rely on volunteers to deliver the meals which will be prepared by staff at Wilson Memorial Hospital.

The Committee formed at a special meeting convened by Murrurundi Community Leader’s Forum, where guest speaker, Colleen Fuller, who is President of the Board of Gunnedah Meals on Wheels Inc and also vice president of Meals on Wheels NSW, spoke about the achievements of the Gunnedah Committee.

Colleen Fuller’s message was that Meals on Wheels is about “more than meals.” The service provides hot meals and valuable social support. A group of ten enthusiastic Murrurundi volunteers were pleased with Colleen Fuller’s offer of support and mentoring for the newly formed Murrurundi Meals on Wheels Committee. A trial of up to 12 months will help determine the viability of providing the service.

The service is expected to commence on 19 October, and the Murrurundi Meals on Wheels Committee are keen for the community to support this new initiative. Older people, people with a disability, or people recovery from illness or surgery, are encouraged to take up this offer of assistance.

For more information
Ph 0484 607 055


Murrurundi  Meals on Wheels offers clients and carers a meal delivery service to assist people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and their independence.

Meals on Wheels delivers healthy meals to clients’ homes to ensure their nutritional requirements are being met and provides clients with regular social contact. This enables people to continue to live in their own homes, where they are the most happiest.

Who we are


Meals on Wheels is a name familiar to Australians and is at the heart of many communities. It represents helping hands, teamwork and looking out for each other. It is all about people in the community joining forces to help others.


From its inception over 60 years ago, Meals on Wheels has grown to be a driving force of care in the community. In the course of a year, over 14.8 million meals are delivered by more than 78 700 volunteers to about 53 000 recipients Australia wide in cities, regional and rural areas. Of these, about 4.5 million meals are delivered by 35 000 volunteers in NSW each year.


The changing face of Meals on Wheels reflects how the organisation is responding and adapting to the changing face of the community. The multicultural nature of Australian society is echoed in the food, faces and friendships that typify Meals on Wheels.




More than just a meal


Every day, a friendly smile, a chat about the weather, a nutritious meal and knowing someone will drop by to say hello, changes the lives of many Australians and it’s not just the clients who value this contact. Ask any of the 35 000 NSW volunteers and they will tell you reaching out and making a difference in somebody else’s day, makes their day.


Independence is something we all value and to have that taken away by not being able to go to the shops for groceries or to cook regular meals, should not be an obstacle to autonomy.






Murrurundi Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organisation that provides a meal delivery service to frail, older people (aged 65 years and over, or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), people with dementia and who need assistance with daily living to remain living independently at home and in the community. Clients must also reside in the Murrurundi - Blandford - Ardglen Area.


Access to services is available through My Aged Care, the Australian Government entry point to the aged care system. My Aged Care will conduct a holistic assessment and identification of long-term goals.


Contact 1800 200 422 for more information or visit the My Aged Care website at




Special Needs Groups


The Commonwealth Home Support Programme recognises the following special needs groups, which align with those identified under the Aged Care Act 1997:


People from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities


People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


People who live in rural and remote areas


People who are financially or socially disadvantaged




People who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless


People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex


People who are care leavers


Parents separated from children by forced adoption or removal


The identification of particular groups recognises that each person is unique and has different beliefs, values and life experiences, and that for some people, these differences may result in barriers to accessing or using our services.



Mission statement:


“Healthy meals & social contact to support independent living”


Core Values:


Serving the Community


Striving for Excellence


Working Together


Leading by Example


Strategy Mission:


To increase community awareness, whilst still maintaining high quality nutritious meals both centre based and deliveries to clients in their homes.


Meals on Wheels have a place in the hearts and homes of Australians for over 50 years.





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